The VoiceMaster

Voice Acting Guru and Certification Master

The VoiceMaster

Voice Acting Guru and Certification Master

The VoiceMaster

VOICEMATES! Great Day from Certified Voice Artist Program. Join Now! Register Now!


The VoiceMaster

The Voice Acting Guru and Certification Master

The VoiceMaster

Great Day from Certified Voice Artist Program.


The VoiceMaster

The Voice Acting Guru and the Certification Master


VOICEMATES! Great Day from Certified Voice Artist Program. Join Now! Register Now!


Dear Fellow Voice Artist,                                                                                                                            I’d like to congratulate you for being here. Because it means one means that you’re crazy! Yes, that’s right, you’re C-R-A-Z-Y....crazy! And you’ve come just in the right place because you’re exactly the kind of student that I want, crazy. Why? Well, why not? Why be normal when you can be crazy enough to stand out? Why allow yourself to be dictated by the norms of society when you can just be as unique as you are? Don’t you know that you are already perfect in your imperfections? There is nothing wrong with you my friend, it’s high time that you accept and embrace yourself for who you really are. And if you join the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), I’ll lead you into a journey where you can maximize your unique potentials and help you become a positive change agent at the same time.

You see I didn’t put up the Voice Acting Academy Philippines (formerly the Philippine Center for Voice Acting [PCVA]) to produce regular voice talents. Any other veteran in the voice acting industry can do that. I put up the first and only voice acting school in the Philippines in 2005 when nobody else wanted to do so, because I had a vision of producing VOICE ARTISTS. What differentiates voice artists from voice talents? The answer is simple -- HEART. While voice talents just want to get into the voice acting industry for the money, voice artists are different, because just like me, they are in it for a MISSION. And that mission involves using our respective voices in creating positive changes in people and in society. Our voices are a gift from God, so it is just proper that we use it to make this world a better place to live in. I am happy to have influenced the youth to develop their respective voices and use it to become positive influencers in society. And I was a proud Filipino when I was recognized for this feat in 2003 in Washington D.C. (2nd Youth Action Net Award from the International Youth Foundation) and in 2004 in New York City (Global Youth Action Award from the Global Youth Action Network). If you join me in this program, I will do the same for you, regardless of your background. I will lead you to learn how to accept, nurture, and love your unique voice. Together, we will then develop that further, so that you too can become a positive influence to others in your own way. Join me in my mission in changing the world, one voice at a time.

Be a Great Voice Artist


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If your students type in CREATIV in the promo code section on the check out page for their subscription they will receive the discounted price of $249.00 for their first year. Their renewal price past the first year will be $299.00 each year beyond their first.

Welcome to the Only Certification Authority in the Art of Voice Acting in the Philippines

Learn from the Greatest Filipino Voice Artist

The Voice MasterClass

Join our Future Voice MasterClass with Dennis Antenor Jr. , The Official Voice Of The Philippines 


The VoiceMaster is the Man Behind a Thousand Voices and Dubbers in the Philippines. He is the one who started their careers in voice acting.

Voice Direction for ADR

The VoiceMaster voice directing Dingdong Dantes for the movie "Kubot"

About Voice Acting Academy Philippines

Voice Acting Academy Philippines was formerly known as Philippine Center for Voice Acting. The humble beginning of our training school started as the brainchild of Danny “Ama” Mandia and VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales last 2005. Along with Papa Neil Tolentino, these veteran dubbing  directors in the industry have molded 50 batches of VoiceWorx workshop---  an intensive 8-week training covering ADR Scriptwriting, Dubbing, Voice Acting, Voice-overs, and many more. With more than 1,000 graduates from the nearly two decades of VoiceWorx, the dreamers who took action are now dubbers, radio broadcasters, DJ’s, ventriloquists, freelance voice-over artists, professional hosts, and public speakers. We continue to our vision to make Philippines a center of voice acting excellence in Asia and inthe world.








Years Training

15 Years of Creating Creative Voices

We have already produced and created almost 80 percent of dubbers, voice over artist, voice talents, dubbers and broadcasters in the Philippines. Making the Voice Acting Academy Philippines as the only Authority in Voice Acting in this country.

VoiceWorx Revolutionize the Voice Acting Industry in the Philippines

No other individual or organization in the Philippines can match the VoiceMaster in giving opportunities to the New Generation of Voice Artist and giving them a platform to fulfill their dreams as a voice artist.

The Best Voice Acting School Second to None

Voice Acting Academy Philippines will always be the first and the only one. All of other groups and individual are just mere fake or copycats. Let OK Google, Bixby and Siri answer you What's the Best Voice Acting School in the Philippines.

We are the Only Way to be a Certified Voice Artist

For the past 15 Years, We have developed and trained new voice talents, dubbers, broadcasters, reporters, speakers and voice artists non-stop. Now, Anyone can join because We are already  ON-LINE!

Voice Act Now Program

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